Elna EC60- Designed for Quilting

Meet a wonderful, entry-level sewing machine designed for quilting- the Elna EC60! This machine is fully computerized and comes with 60 stitches built in. It is capable of 820 stitches per minute and includes a four piece metal feed dog system!

Elnita by Elna EC60 Computerized Sewing Machine

Features of the Elna EC60

The right side of the sewing machine has a display of all the available stitches the EC60 comes with. The digital screen and easy-to-use arrow buttons make navigating between stitch settings simple. The display also shows the stitch width and length settings and both can be changed quickly.

Elnita by Elna EC60 Computerized Sewing Machine

Above the stitch column on the display is a small presser foot icon. As you change between your different stitch styles, the EC60 will recommend the best presser foot available for that particular stitch. If you are a beginner sewist, this will take the guesswork out. It gives you the opportunity to associate which presser foot is best for each stitch.

There are also a series of quick-selection buttons right below the LCD screen. The Elna EC60 features an automatic Fixed Stitch button, a Needle Up and Down button, and a Scissors button. Using the Needle Up helps make sure that your needle is in the correct position if you want to use the automatic thread function that comes with the EC60. 

The last two buttons are the reverse button and the Start/Stop button. The Start/Stop button can be used if you prefer to sew without having to push a foot pedal. The Elna EC60 has drop-in bobbin mechanism and it also has an automatic needle threader that makes threading the needle quick and painless. 

Also on the face of the sewing machine is the Speed Slider. Using the Slider will change the speed from slow to quick. The Slider on the EC60 affects the stitching speed with or without the use of a foot control. Whether using the foot pedal, or the Start/Stop button, the machine will stay at the same constant speed.

EC60 Accessories

The Elna EC60 comes with a sewing extension table, which is perfect for quilters who need a bit of extra space for those big projects. If you’re a beginner sewer who needs extra room to help balance fabric. A hard shell case will help protect your machine when you’re on your way to and from sewing classes. If you are storing your machine and want to make sure it does not get all that dust on it, the case will help with that too.

Elnita by Elna EC60 Computerized Sewing Machine

All of the smaller accessories for the EC60 come in the front accessory tray. The sewing machine comes with extra bobbins, a spool pin cap, and extra presser feet.

Elna EC60 Presser Feet

The EC60 comes with a variety of presser feet:

  • Free Arm Conversion Foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button Hole foot
  • Cording foot
  • Blind Hem foot
  • 2 clear Plastic feet
  • Quarter Inch foot
  • Open Toe foot
  • Walking foot

This machine is perfect for beginner sewers out there who are trying to learn the ends and outs of sewing on a computerized machine. If you’re in advanced sewer, it is versatile enough to handle anything you can throw at it.

For more information on the Elna EC60 sewing machine, check out our Youtube video to see a sewing demonstration and explanation of the features and accessories of this sewing machine!

If you are interested in purchasing your own sewing machine, you can find the EC60 HERE.