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Electrolux Vacuum Repair

You found the Best Electrolux service center for your vacuum repair or service. Fix your Electrolux vacuum today! Our service centers are open seven days a week to support you!

We provide labor and repair quotes when you check your vacuum cleaner in so there are no surprises! Estiamtes and diagnostic are free

  • Rest assured that your machine is in good hands.
  • Broken belt? No power? Low Suction?
  • Owned and run locally
  • Turn around quickly (3-8 days’ average)
  • Free tune ups on machines bought from us

Bring your Electrolux vacuum today and receive free advice. We canprovide you with an equivalent vacuum as a 3 day loaner if your vacuum requires service. 

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electrolux vacuum cleaner repair

Electrolux is still the second-largest supplier of appliances worldwide. Electrolux mainly offers large consumer-friendly machines and vacuum cleaners, but also professional-friendly appliances.

The manufacture of Electrolux vacuum cleaners started in 1910. The Lux vacuum was the first product ever marketed by Electrolux in 1919. As the first robot vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Trilobite was launched in 2001.












Common Electrolux Lux vacuum repairs 

  1. Low Suction? 
    • Test the bag indicator: if you have a new bag indicator lit after installing a new bag you have a clog.
    • Check belt: most Electrolux Vacuums have a belt reset button unless the belt is shifted, reset, removed or broken.
    • The filters should be cleaned after each use and replaced annually in bag-less vacuums.
  1. Is the brush roller not spinning?
  • Ensure the belt isn’t pinched, or check if this feature is present in your model.
  • Rubber belts should be replaced every 4-6 months if they are a flat type belt.
  • Brush rollers should rotate freely.

In some cases, if the battery is running down, it will stop and should be recharge. The filter should work well if you have cleaned well and nothing is in the rear vent. However, if it is a plugged filter and cannot suck the motor, the voltage drops and immediately turns off.

If these easy and quick vacuum repair instructions don’t work, bring the machine to use, and we will offer any efficient and cost-effective tuning, and repairs that might be an option.

How can I reset my Electrolux or lux vacuum?

The Reset button on the top of the powerhead is a tiny red button. Vacuum belts are occasionally broken even in an Electrolux. It is one thing if you press the reset button (you don’t hear the engine). The roller is either jammed up or somewhere from the pad up to the powerhead. Or you might have an electric short.

Motor. The vacuum could have activated by the thermal cutoff factor in a vacuum if you are in the middle of using your vacuum and the machine suddenly stops.  An engine stop could be triggered by a blocked tube, a full dust bowl, blockages in a canister, or a stuck pin bowl. Check and, if necessary, bring it to us for repair.

There are a lot of Electrolux models we work on

Here are a few

1.   Electrolux Oxygen Canister EL6988E Vacuum

  • Excellent for hard floor cleaning
  • Silent motor
  • It has a cord-rewind feature.
  • Five different suction speeds on a range of surfaces are available.
  • User friendly

2.   Electrolux Epic 6500

  • Cleaning of carpet.
  • Cord Rewind
  • Indicator of Bag Transition
  • The handle is ergonomic.
  • Brushes spinning

3.   Electrolux Renaissance

  • Using this Envirocare /Electrolux vacuum cleaner to gather dirt and debris quickly around your house.
  • This vacuum cleaner is perfect for you if you have carpet or hardwood floors.

4.   Electrolux Guarantee LUX Aerus Epic 8000 9000, Reposition of HEPA Vacuum Air Filter

  • Compatible with Electrolux Guardian LUX 8000 9000 Epic 8000
  • HEPA filters can eliminate large particles and airborne particles, such as dust, pet dander, common contaminants, etc.
  • To keep your machine fresh and clean, please change your filter once a season.