A Brief Run Down of Our Dyson Full Service

Looking to get your Dyson vacuum cleaned, deodorized, and checked up? That’s where we come in. We offer a full range of services for all models of Dysons – from comprehensive cleaning to deodorization and checkups. Our techs have the tricks and specialized tools to make sure that clogs don’t stand a chance!

As part of the comprehensive services we offer, we immerse your disassembled dust bin in an enzyme solution to destroy lingering odors. Motors are checked for wear and all wiring is examined for continuity and safety. We unclog and clean the brush bar, brush chamber, and duct housing. So why wait? Regular maintenance is an important element of keeping your Dyson machine running as long as it’s able! Bring your machine in today for a yearly checkup!

Check out our YouTube video to get an idea of how our cleaning process works, and then stop in today to let us help you keep your vacuum in tip-top shape!