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Dirt Devil Royal Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services

Dirt Devil Royal Vacuum Repair

Dirt Devil Vacuum Repair services are one of our many service offerings. 

We are the best vacuum repair and service center for Dirt Devil vacuums.

  • Fast Turn-around
  • Authorized Repair services 
  • 90 day warranty on our repairs
  • OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Parts kept in stock 
  • Bags, belts, and filters for dirt devil and Royal vacuums

Please bring your new or used Dirt Devil Royal vacuum cleaner to get assessed for free. Belt installation is free and done while you wait with any belt purchase!


$59.99 Vacuum Service Special

Complete vacuum cleaning & maintenance for $59.99.* (reg. $89.99)

*Restrictions apply

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dirt devil repairs

Dirt Devils were flexible and powerful vacuums. You might not know how to repair it if your Dirt Devil malfunctions. 

Broken belt?   No power? Low Suction?  

You may know the name Dirt Devil whether you are on your first vacuum cleaner or your fifth vacuum cleaner. 

And how are you going to pick the right dirt devil? When you live in a large house on two floors, for example, your highest priorities might be suction strength, stairs, and the ability to transport the vacuum up and downstairs.












Common Dirt Devil and Royal Vacuum problems

The problem can be many things, many of which are simple repairs. If your vacuum doesn’t turn on at all or if it turns off during use check the circuit breaker , or the cord is not plugged firmly enough.

Once the options are checked, assume that the thermal protector could have been activated to prevent an overheating vacuum from overheating. let it finish cooling down and try again in a couple of hours. If it turns on again it is likely clogged and that is why it is overheating and shutting off. Now is the tiem to bring it in for service before it overheats again!

  • Dirt Devil brush roller replacement. Because of low agitation.
  • Replacing Dirt Devil belt. If your brush roller doesn’t turn.
  • Cord replacement if the cord is damaged
  • If your Dirt Devil’s suction motor generates a loud noise the fan motor might be damaged and need a motor replacement.

Common solutions for no suction, or not pick-up with a Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner. If the air moves into the vacuum cleaner, the air filter traps particles. The vacuum cleaner will not suck if the filter is obstructed. The vacuum cleaner is not adequately absorbed if the filter is blocked.

A few Dirt Devil models we work on

1.   Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Dual Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner UD70355B Red Vacuum Cleaner Swivel Steering

Key Features:

  • Advanced strength and revolving control
  • No suction failure
  • Simple to use and lightweight

2.   Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bag-less Stick Vacuum, A, Red Devil SD20000RED Single Stick Lightweight

Key Features:

  • Vacuum lift-off
  • Tight room on-board cracking tools
  • Optimized to remove pet hair.

3.   Dirt Devil Cleaner Fast Lite Plus Cordless Upright Vacuum UD20015 Lightweight and easy to use Quick Lite Plus

Key Features:

  • Filtration of cyclones
  • Large route of cleaning
  • Project for lightweight

4.   UD70105 Dirt Devil Cleaner Breeze Cyclonic Cyclonic Bag-less Upright Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is so crowds pleasing with a name like “Breeze.” The stylish design, free accessories, and affordability make this one of the best Dirt Devil household cleaning vacuum.

Key Features

  • Technology of cyclones
  • Extension wall onboard and equipment for dusting and cracking
  • Filter Rinsable

5.   Dirt Devil Plus 16V Pro Cordless Fast Flip 16 V Lithium-Ion Cleaner BD30025B

The household’s dust, dirt, waste, pet hair, and food spills are not limited. Either your vacuum is with this Dirt Devil cordless model.

Key Features

  • 16V lithium battery for fast loading
  • Strengthened step and padding tool
  • Tool for rapid flip crevice