Coffee Makers vs. Espresso Machines

Nowadays, coffee is more of a culture than it is a beverage. The grounded powder has so many brewing methods that it’s hard to keep track of them. Out of all these brewing methods, regular ol’ drip coffee and espresso remain the most popular. Thus, most coffee fans and shops own drip coffee makers, espresso machines or a unit that brews coffee in multiple ways.

Drip coffee makers are quite simple. It employs gravitational force to pull water through its filters. Thus, these machines have no fancy gimmicks unless they are industrial-grade units. Most drip coffee makers have a reservoir to hold water and a coffee filter to hold the grounds. When the machine is switched on, the water heats and drips through the ground coffee into a pot. Industrial units might have more than one outlet and help owners make larger batches of coffee.

Drip coffee makers are rather cheap and are easier to maintain. They are simple to operate as well. However, the coffee produced by these machines might have a weak flavor for hardcore coffee enthusiasts. Further, some types of filters used in the device can soak up the natural oils in the coffee, ruining the experience. If you experience any issues with your coffee maker, you can bring it in for professional repair in our Boulder or Arvada locations.

Espresso machines, on the other hand, are great for anyone who likes their coffee rich, and creamier. These units spray pressurized streams of water through the coffee. The extract from espresso machines is strong and possesses flavors regular coffee doesn’t have. Most espresso machines for sale are “fully automatic” or “Semi-automatic”.

Fully automatic units are quite easy to use as they require little intervention. Pressing a few buttons, once you’ve loaded the coffee grounds and refilled the water reservoir, will produce a shot of espresso to your liking. They may require more servicing as computers and wiring are more prevalent.

Semi-automatic espresso machines, however, require a more hands-on approach. These machines are preferred by baristas and those who enjoy the craft of coffee making. Because you have better control over the espresso-making process, you can customize the shots based on your (or your customer’s) preference.

Compared to drip coffee makers, espresso machines require more maintenance and professional help during repairs. As these units are quite expensive, especially those used for commercial purposes, it would be wise to select a trained espresso machine repair center like ours to fix any issues with the device.