BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2021: Shirely Cisholm


To wrap up the month, let us introduce you to Shirley Chisholm. A phenomenal human being, and all round powerhouse.

Though she’s not really related to our cleaning industry-she’s still someone everyone should know!

Born in 1924, and dying in 2005, Shirley represented New York’s 12th congressional District as the first African American/Black congresswoman ever elected! Not only that, she would also go on to be the first woman to go for the Presidential nomination in 1972. Shirley graduated cum laude with a BA in Sociology from Brooklyn College. Notably, during her time in office, Shirley staunchly opposed the Vietnam War as well.

Shirley also worked as a school teacher for some time, before she ran for office despite her professors advice!

No Black history means no American history. Let’s celebrate those who came before us.

What to know more? Here’s where we got our info :D!,-Shirley-Anita-(C000371)/