Schematic and parts list for: ProTeam Model: Pro Gen 15test

Schematic and parts list for: ProTeam Model: Pro Gen 15

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: ProTeam Model: Pro Gen 15

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Parts for: ProGen 15 Upright Vacuum

# Part image Description SKU Price
xxNot AvailableProTeam Handle Tube Bushing PT-834743Not Available
1Not AvailableProTeam Hose Assembly PT-510259Not Available
2Not AvailableProTeam Filter Cover Assembly PT-835354Not Available
3Not AvailableProTeam Filter Lid Cam Lock Assembly PT-835696Not Available
4Not AvailableProTeam Upright Transition Duct Assembly PT-834688Not Available
5Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Spring Hose PT-834753Not Available
6Product ThumbnailWAND, PROGEN 12 & 15 TELESCOPIC Part Number: 510258 for Proteam

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8Not AvailableProTeam Transition Duct Gasket PT-834691Not Available
9Not AvailableProTeam Bag Cover Housing Plate PT-834687Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Bag Cover Housing Interlock Assembly PT-835697Not Available
11Not AvailableProTeam Bag Cover Gasket Plate PT-834690Not Available
12Not AvailableProTeam Lid Rear Tree Gasket PT-834730-3Not Available
13Not AvailableProTeam Bag Housing Rim PT-834823Not Available
14Not AvailableProTeam Intercept Micro Filter Bag, Fits Progen (10 Pk.) PT-107377Not Available
15Not AvailableProTeam Hinge With Rivet Assembly PT-835698Not Available
16Not AvailableProTeam Carry Handle With Tool Caddy Assembly PT-835694Not Available
17Not AvailableProTeam Power Nozzle Adaptor Hose PT-835351Not Available
18Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Harness Enclosure Assembly PT-835690Not Available
19Not AvailableProTeam Extension Handle Clip PT-834724Not Available
20Not AvailableProTeam Pan Screw M4 20Mm PT-835358Not Available
21Not AvailableProTeam Rear Bag Housing Assembly PT-835693Not Available
22Not AvailableProTeam Exhaust Filter Cover PT-834717Not Available
23Not AvailableProTeam Filter Cartridge Made From Hepa Media, Fits Proforce, Progen, Super Halfvac Pro PT-107005Not Available
24Not AvailableProTeam 12" Front Bag Housing PT-835708Not Available
24Not AvailableProTeam 15" Front Bag Housing PT-835687Not Available
25Not AvailableProTeam Bag Housing Tree Gasket PT-834730Not Available
26Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Tree Gasket PT-834730-1Not Available
27Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Gasket Separator PT-835150Not Available
28Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Separator PT-834718Not Available
29Not AvailableProTeam Motor Intake Filter PT-834721Not Available
30Not AvailableProTeam Bag Housing Pivot Sleeve Assembly PT-835695Not Available
31Product ThumbnailCord Wrap, Lower Assembly ProGen 12/15 Part Number: 835688 for Proteam

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32Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Harness Assembly PT-835689Not Available
33Not AvailableProTeam Foam Filter Housing PT-834722Not Available
34Not AvailableProTeam Motor Housing Tree Gasket PT-834730-2Not Available
35Not AvailableProTeam Bag Full Indicator Sensor PT-834723Not Available
36Not AvailableProTeam Motor Support Gasket PT-840042Not Available
37Not AvailableProTeam Motor Harness PT-835344Not Available
38Not AvailableProTeam Motor Assembly PT-834705Not Available
39Not AvailableProTeam Blower Gasket Housing PT-834696Not Available
40Not AvailableProTeam Inlet Motor Gasket PT-834697Not Available
41Not AvailableProTeam Motor Mount Gasket PT-834701Not Available
42Not AvailableProTeam Motor Pulley Assembly PT-835692Not Available
43Not AvailableProTeam Foam Motor Housing PT-834704Not Available
44Not AvailableProTeam Motor Housing Assembly PT-835691Not Available
45Not AvailableProTeam Motor Brush PT-835714Not Available
46Not AvailableProTeam Handle Assembly PT-842344Not Available
47Not AvailableProTeam Aluminum Tube Handle 834746Not Available
48Not AvailableProTeam 50' Power Cord PT-834740-1Not Available
49Not AvailableProTeam 40' Power Cord With Strain Relief PT-834740Not Available
49Not AvailableProTeam Handle Tube Harness PT-834750Not Available
50Not AvailableProTeam Handle Screw Nut Assembly PT-835701Not Available
51Not AvailableProTeam Cam Lock Latch Assembly PT-835700Not Available
52Not AvailableProTeam 15" Base Cover Assembly PT-835686Not Available
53Not AvailableProTeam Hose Power Head Assembly PT-510252Not Available
54Not AvailableProTeam Washer Pan Screw M4 PT-835345Not Available
54Not AvailableProTeam 12" Base Cover PT-835707Not Available
55Not AvailableProTeam Main Control Board PT-834797Not Available
56Not AvailableProTeam Control Board Hall Effect Assembly PT-835683Not Available
57Not AvailableProTeam 15" Foot Pedal Assembly PT-835676Not Available
58Not AvailableProTeam Cap Button PT-834788Not Available
59Not AvailableProTeam 15" Rear Wheel Shaft PT-834789Not Available
60Not AvailableProTeam 15" Rear Wheel PT-834787Not Available
60Not AvailableProTeam 12" Foot Pedal Assembly PT-835702Not Available
61Not AvailableProTeam Retaining Ring PT-834790Not Available
62Not AvailableProTeam 15" Power Nozzle Base PT-834804Not Available
63Not AvailableProTeam Progen 12 Service Base Assembly PT-836627Not Available
63Not AvailableProTeam Filter Housing Clamp Assembly PT-835684Not Available
64Product ThumbnailCOVER, BRUSH REMOVAL PROGEN 15 W/ 15" BRUSHROLL Part Number: 835350 for Proteam

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65Not AvailableProTeam Brush Release Button 15" Assembly PT-835682Not Available
66Not AvailableProTeam 15" Side Base Bumper PT-834810Not Available
67Not AvailableProTeam 12" Brush Removal Cover Assembly PT-835352Not Available
67Not AvailableProTeam Center Wheel Pivot Rod Assembly PT-835675Not Available
68Not AvailableProTeam Brush Release Button 12" Assembly PT-835705Not Available
68Not AvailableProTeam Center Wheel PT-834791Not Available
69Not AvailableProTeam Led Strip Light Harness Assembly PT-835349Not Available
69Not AvailableProTeam 12" Side Base Bumper PT-835036Not Available
70Not AvailableProTeam Led Strip Light Lens PT-834816Not Available
71Not AvailableProTeam 15" Front Base Plate Assembly PT-835680Not Available
72Not AvailableProTeam 15" Front Base Bumper PT-834809Not Available
73Not AvailableProTeam Base Wire Brace PT-835679Not Available
74Not AvailableProTeam 15" Brush Roll PT-841818Not Available
74Not AvailableProTeam 12" Front Base Plate Assembly PT-835703Not Available
75Not AvailableProTeam 15" Rear Base Plate Assembly PT-835681Not Available
75Not AvailableProTeam 12" Front Base Bumper PT-835035Not Available
76Not AvailableProTeam Timing Belt Assembly PT-835678Not Available
77Not AvailableProTeam 15" Pulley Assembly PT-835685Not Available
78Not AvailableProTeam 12" Rear Base Plate Assembly PT-835704Not Available
78Not AvailableProTeam Brush Roller Clutch Assembly PT-835677Not Available