Schematic and parts list for: ProTeam Model: HalfVactest

Schematic and parts list for: ProTeam Model: HalfVac

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: ProTeam Model: HalfVac

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Parts for: SHVP Super HalfVac Pro, 6 qt. Hipstyle Vacuum

# Part image Description SKU Price
xxNot AvailableProTeam Stretch Hose W/Cuffs 1.5" (Black) PT-101705Not Available
xxNot AvailableProTeam Replacement Swivel Cuff, Black PT-107220Not Available
xxNot AvailableProTeam Filter Housing 107059Not Available
xxNot AvailableProTeam Intercept Micro Filter Bag, Open Collar, Fits Super Halfvac Pro (10 Pk.) PT-106960Not Available
xxNot AvailableProTeam 50' 16-Gauge Extension Cord (Yellow) PT-101678Not Available
1Not AvailableProTeam Replacement Fixed Hose Cuff (Black) 1.5" & 1.25" PT-101437Not Available
2Not AvailableProTeam Stretch Hose W/Cuffs 1.25" (Black) PT-101184Not Available
3Not AvailableProTeam Replacement Swivel Cuff (Black) 1.25" PT-101436Not Available
4Not AvailableProTeam Waist Belt Complete With Mounting Hardware PT-107050Not Available
5Not AvailableProTeam Shoulder Strap Plastic Adjustment Buckle (Top) PT-100358Not Available
6Not AvailableProTeam D-Ring PT-107051Not Available
7Not AvailableProTeam Waist Belt Assembly, Upper Housing Screw Kit PT-107052Not Available
8Not AvailableProTeam Shoulder Strap Assembly PT-100356Not Available
9Not AvailableProTeam Sternum Strap Buckles (Latch And Keeper) PT-103627Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Cord Holder PT-102604Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Waist Belt With Plate PT-107047Not Available
11Not AvailableProTeam Stabilization Strap With Screw PT-107048Not Available
12Not AvailableProTeam Shoulder Strap Plastic Adjustment (Bottom) PT-100357Not Available
13Not AvailableProTeam Length Adjustment Strap Kit With Buckles PT-107049Not Available
14Not AvailableProTeam Overlap Housing W/Screws PT-510214Not Available
15Not AvailableProTeam Exhaust Filter Housing W/2 Exhaust Filters Made From Hepa Media Cartridges PT-834333Not Available
16Not AvailableProTeam Filter Cartridge Made From Hepa Media, Fits Proforce, Progen, Super Halfvac Pro PT-107005Not Available
17Not AvailableProTeam Upper Housing W/Screws & Washers PT-510227Not Available
18Not AvailableProTeam Motor Assembly PT-510213Not Available
19Not AvailableProTeam Vibration Dampener PT-834339Not Available
20Not AvailableProTeam Dome Filter, Super Halfvac Pro (6 Qt.) PT-107054Not Available
21Not AvailableProTeam Foam Media Filter For Dome Filter, Fits Super Halfvac Pro PT-107060Not Available
22Not AvailableProTeam Switch And Power Cord Assembly PT-834674Not Available
23Not AvailableProTeam Switch Cord Assembly PT-834675Not Available
24Not AvailableProTeam Switch Box PT-107043Not Available
25Not AvailableProTeam Power Cord Assembly PT-834676Not Available
26Not AvailableProTeam On/Off Switch (Must Be Used With 106287) PT-106066Not Available
27Not AvailableProTeam Bag Housing W/Decals PT-510212Not Available
28Not AvailableProTeam Micro Cloth Filter, Fits Super Halfvac Pro PT-107040Not Available
29Not AvailableProTeam Intercept Micro Filter Bag, Closed Collar, Fits Super Halfvac Pro (10 Pk.) PT-106973Not Available