Schematic and parts list for: ProTeam Model: 15XPtest

Schematic and parts list for: ProTeam Model: 15XP

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: ProTeam Model: 15XP

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Parts for: ProCare 15XP Upright Vacuum

# Part image Description SKU Price
xxNot AvailableProTeam Bulkhead,15/15XP, Black PT-104245Not Available
02Not AvailableProTeam Foam, Sound, Motor Housing, Left Panel PT-103533Not Available
03Not AvailableProTeam Foam, Sound, Motor Housing, Front Panel PT-103532Not Available
04Not AvailableProTeam Motor Housing, 15/15XP, Blue PT-104782Not Available
05Not AvailableProTeam Bearing, Pivot PT-104504Not Available
06Not AvailableProTeam Wheel, Rear PT-104306Not Available
07Not AvailableProTeam Filter, Exhaust PT-104280Not Available
08Not AvailableProTeam Cover, Cartridge PT-104785Not Available
09Not AvailableProTeam Motor Mount, Lower, Nitrile PT-104247Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Motor, Vacuum, 120V, 4.2', 2-stage PT-104170Not Available
11Not AvailableProTeam Motor Mount, Upper, Nitrile PT-104249Not Available
12Not AvailableProTeam Harness, Wire, Main Power Supply F/15XP PT-104783Not Available
13Not AvailableProTeam Duct, Air, Lower PT-104250Not Available
14Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 4.2mm x 19mm F/Lower Air Duct PT-104209Not Available
15Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Lower Air Duct , Nitrile PT-104253Not Available
16Not AvailableProTeam Foam, Sound, Motor Housing, Rear Panel PT-103531Not Available

# Part image Description SKU Price
01Not AvailableProTeam Cover Assembly, Power Nozzle, Blue with Detent Springs PT-104789Not Available
02Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 4.2mm x 19mm F/Powerhead PT-104495Not Available
03Not AvailableProTeam Grommet, Vibration, Power Nozzle Motor, Nitrile PT-104498Not Available
04Not AvailableProTeam Motor, Power Nozzle with Crimps PT-104506Not Available
05Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 2.9mm x 13mm, F/Brush Retainer PT-104496Not Available
06Not AvailableProTeam Retainer, Brush PT-104499Not Available
07Not AvailableProTeam Brush Roll, Power Nozzle, 14" PT-104216Not Available
08Not AvailableProTeam Belt, Drive, F/Brush Roll PT-104217Not Available
09Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Base Cover, Air Duct, Left PT-104736Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Base Cover, Air Duct, Right PT-104737Not Available
11Not AvailableProTeam Brace, Support, Formed Wire, F/Power Nozzle Base Plate PT-104500Not Available
12Not AvailableProTeam Bumper, Power Nozzle, Vinyl PT-104218Not Available
13Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 4.2mm x 32mm PT-104497Not Available
14Not AvailableProTeam Baseplate, Power Nozzle PT-104221Not Available
15Not AvailableProTeam Roller, Front PT-104501Not Available
16Not AvailableProTeam Shaft, Plated, Front Roller Axle PT-104502Not Available
17Not AvailableProTeam Cover, Air Duct, Power Nozzle PT-104224Not Available
18Not AvailableProTeam Board, Vacuum Operation Indicator PT-104226Not Available
19Not AvailableProTeam Sleeve, Hose, Air Duct PT-104227Not Available
20Not AvailableProTeam Foam Block PT-104786Not Available
21Not AvailableProTeam Circuit Breaker PT-104212Not Available
22Not AvailableProTeam Clamp, Rear Wheel PT-104503Not Available
23Not AvailableProTeam Hose, Power Nozzle to Air Duct, Lower PT-104230Not Available
24Not AvailableProTeam Spring, Detent, Upright Lock PT-104507Not Available

# Part image Description SKU Price
01Not AvailableProTeam Latch, Release, Bag Cover PT-104232Not Available
02Not AvailableProTeam Spring, Pressure, Release Button, F/Bag Cover Latch PT-104233Not Available
03Not AvailableProTeam Cover, Bag Gray F/15XP PT-104234Not Available
04Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Transition Duct/Bag Cover, Upper PT-104235Not Available
05Not AvailableProTeam Duct, Transition, Bag Cover, F/15XP PT-104236Not Available
06Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 4.2mm x 9.5mm PT-104505Not Available
07Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Transition Duct/Bag Cover Nozzle Plate, Lower PT-104238Not Available
08Not AvailableProTeam Plate, Bag Cover Nozzle, F/15XP PT-104239Not Available
09Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 4.2mm x 38mm F/Bag Cover PT-104493Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Bag Cover PT-104241Not Available
11Not AvailableProTeam Spring, Bag Cover Latch PT-104242Not Available
12Not AvailableProTeam Plate, Latch, Bag Cover PT-104243Not Available

# Part image Description SKU Price
01Not AvailableProTeam Seal, Gasket, Bag Housing PT-104738Not Available
02Not AvailableProTeam Disposable Intercept, Micro Filter PT-103483Not Available
03Not AvailableProTeam Filter, Motor Intake PT-104281Not Available
04Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 2.9mm x 13mm, F/Switch Cover PT-104496Not Available
05Not AvailableProTeam Cover, Switch, Filter, Lock-out PT-104282Not Available
06Not AvailableProTeam Switch, Filter Lock-Out PT-104283Not Available
07Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 4.2mm x 38mm F/Bag Housing PT-104240Not Available
08Not AvailableProTeam Rivet F/Bag Housing Assembly PT-104491Not Available
09Not AvailableProTeam Bag Housing Assembly, Gray, Includes Bag Cover Nozzle Plate w/Riveted Hinge, F/15XP PT-104490Not Available
10Not AvailableProTeam Plate, Handle Nut PT-104259Not Available
11Not AvailableProTeam Guide, Wand, Upper Left PT-104260Not Available
12Not AvailableProTeam Guide, Wand, Upper Right PT-104261Not Available
13Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, 42mm x 19mm F/Wand Guide PT-104267Not Available
14Not AvailableProTeam Switch, Wand Lockout PT-104263Not Available
15Not AvailableProTeam Harness, Wire, F/Upper Handle Switch PT-104539Not Available
16Not AvailableProTeam Wand F/15XP PT-104294Not Available
17Not AvailableProTeam Cuff, Swivel, 1.25" x 1.25" Hose, Black PT-104295Not Available
18Not AvailableProTeam Hose, Stretch, 1.25", F/15XP, Black PT-104961Not Available
19Not AvailableProTeam Cuff, End, Swivel, Bag Cover, Black PT-104297Not Available
20Not AvailableProTeam Bushing, Handle Tube PT-104264Not Available
21Not AvailableProTeam Handle, Carry W/Caddy, F/15XP PT-104265Not Available
22Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Handle Assembly PT-104266Not Available
23Not AvailableProTeam Cord, Power, W/Strain Relief, 50' PT-104284Not Available
24Not AvailableProTeam Handle, Square Tube, Includes Rivet Nut PT-104257Not Available
25Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Phillips, M4 x 10mm x .07 Pitch, F/Handle Assembly PT-104509Not Available
26Not AvailableProTeam Bracket, Cord Wrap PT-104268Not Available
27Not AvailableProTeam Spring, Compression, Cord Wrap Bracket PT-104269Not Available
28Not AvailableProTeam Washer, Compression Spring, Cord Wrap Bracket PT-104270Not Available
29Not AvailableProTeam Screw, Cord Wrap Bracket PT-104271Not Available
30Not AvailableProTeam Switch, Rocker, On/Off PT-104256Not Available
31Not AvailableProTeam Handle W/Over Mold PT-104255Not Available