Schematic and parts list for: Oreck Model: XL9000Wtest

Schematic and parts list for: Oreck Model: XL9000W

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: Oreck Model: XL9000W

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Parts for: XL9000W

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# Part image Description SKU Price
xxNot AvailableOreck Users Manual 7541605Not Available
xxNot AvailableOreck Magnet Clean Vacuum Protector MC4BKNot Available
01aNot AvailableOreck Handle Assembly 7503003Not Available
04Product ThumbnailOuter Bag Retainer Spring U-Clip for Oreck XL Vacuums.

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05Not AvailableOreck Bag Paper Hypo-Allergen 25 Pack AK1CC25ANot Available
05No ImageOreck SUPERIOR HEPA Media Filtration Bags

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05No ImageOreck STANDARD Antimicrobial Filtration Bags - 25pk

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05Product ThumbnailPaper Bag, CC Purple Superior Filtration 6Pk

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06Not AvailableOreck Outer Bag, Dark Gray, Black, Dark Gray 7524611Not Available
07Not AvailableOreck Bag Clip, Black 097507803Not Available
08Not AvailableOreck Connector Assembly w/Deflector & Collar 0152657Not Available
08aNot AvailableOreck Deflector, Black 75220010327Not Available
09Not AvailableOreck Collar 0132513Not Available
10Not AvailableOreck Tube Assembly w/Seal & Clips 7501701Not Available
11Not AvailableOreck Grip, Handle, White 7527201Not Available
12Not AvailableOreck Fan Housing Assembly includes: Rivet & Spring 097523301Not Available
13Not AvailableOreck Switch Cover 097526601Not Available
14Not AvailableOreck Switch Assembly 7508406Not Available
16Not AvailableOreck End Cap, Left 0134623Not Available
17Not AvailableOreck Handle Upper Off Set Screw 7503003Not Available
18No ImageFan (Plastic)-Oreck Upt 5300/888/8300/100/9100 For: oreck

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19Not AvailableOreck Fan Seal Cup 7501201Not Available
20Not AvailableOreck Cord Set 7516303328Not Available
26Not AvailableOreck Housing (White) 097543001 (When replacing on unit w/o belt door 097543001 (When replacing on unit w/o belt door orNot Available
27Not AvailableOreck Bumper (Clear) 7518104Not Available
28Not AvailableOreck Intake Pivot Assembly with Felt Seal 097506602Not Available
29Product ThumbnailCircular White Felt Gasket for Oreck

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32Not AvailableOreck Felt Seal, Motor 7511701Not Available
33Not AvailableOreck Cord Retainer, Round 030045501Not Available
33Not AvailableOreck Cord Retainer, Square 030049401Not Available
34Not AvailableOreck Motor Assembly Kit 097553501Not Available
35Not AvailableOreck Motor Seal 7509501Not Available
36Not AvailableOreck Kit, Motor Brush (Large & Small) / Spring 097551401Not Available
39Product ThumbnailBelt-Oreck - 3Pk - Upright - All Models For: oreck

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39aNot AvailableOreck Drive Belt, Single 7502401Not Available
40Not AvailableOreck Door Belt, White 75057010431Not Available
42Not AvailableOreck Brush Roll, Metal Pulley 7520201Not Available
43Not AvailableOreck Seal, Baseplate 7500801Not Available
44Not AvailableOreck Spring Detent 7503601Not Available
45Not AvailableOreck Complete Baseplate Assembly, order #44 also 097571501Not Available
46Not AvailableOreck MICRO SWEEP Blade 7500901Not Available
47Not AvailableOreck Channel 7500702Not Available
50Not AvailableOreck Edge Brush, w/o Wheels, Left or Right 7576603Not Available
51Product ThumbnailAxle, :( Front & Rear Wheel XL100C Part Number: 03-00630-01 for Oreck

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52Not AvailableOreck Soft Rear Wheel, Black 75187020327Not Available
60Not AvailableOreck Motor Spring 7528301Not Available
61Not AvailableOreck Tube Label 7508706Not Available
62Not AvailableOreck Cord Bracket 141131Not Available
65Not AvailableOreck Oreck' Name Plate Label 7559903Not Available
66Not AvailableOreck Bushing 7527501Not Available