Schematic and parts list for: Oreck Model: XL3500test

Schematic and parts list for: Oreck Model: XL3500

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: Oreck Model: XL3500

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Parts for: XL3500 XL Celoc

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# Part image Description SKU Price
1Not AvailableOreck Cover Assembly 6034970Not Available
2Product ThumbnailWheel Assembly and Axle Part Number * D010-2631 for Riccar Models R100, R200, R300, R300C, R500, R600, R700, R800, R800C, 4-5AE

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* D0102631


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3Not AvailableOreck Intake Filter - Fibrous (White) 103298Not Available
4BNot AvailableOreck Hose 104702Not Available
4ANo ImageMOTOR COVER, W/O BALL BRG 5.5/6.5 AMP ULTRA METAL Part Number: 13746-1 for Eureka

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4Not AvailableOreck Hose And Handle Assembly 144455Not Available
5Not AvailableOreck Filter Bag Adapter Plate Assembly 6037016Not Available
6Not AvailableOreck Bags V1500/V35001 PK150010DWNot Available
7Not AvailableOreck Intake Filter Cage 131518Not Available
8No ImageCOVER, SWITCH 1500 Part Number: 014-1310 for Oreck

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9Not AvailableOreck Spring Button 108444Not Available
10Not AvailableOreck Bag Latch 135514Not Available
11No ImageLATCH, HOSE 1500 Part Number: 013-5513 for Oreck

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12Not AvailableOreck Bumper Band 130372Not Available
13Not AvailableOreck Button 131310Not Available
14Not AvailableOreck Exhaust Filter 103297Not Available
15Not AvailableOreck Exhaust Grill 134186Not Available
16No ImageHOUSING, MODEL 1500 Part Number: 013-4927 for Oreck

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17Not AvailableOreck Housing Seal Assembly 147752Not Available
18Not AvailableOreck Wands 109761Not Available
19Not AvailableOreck Upper Wand 109673Not Available
20Not AvailableOreck Lower Wand 109674Not Available
21Not AvailableOreck Cord Clip 102473Not Available
22No ImagePOWER NOZZLE, BIGFOOT Part Number: 010-3606 for Oreck

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23Not AvailableOreck Wire Cover 132971Not Available
24Not AvailableOreck Housing Wire Harness 104457Not Available
25Not AvailableOreck Swivel Roller Assembly 147017Not Available
26Not AvailableOreck Bleeder Valve Rim Seal 107753Not Available
27Not AvailableOreck Bleeder Valve Spring 108442Not Available
28Not AvailableOreck Bleeder Valve 109628Not Available
29Not AvailableOreck Power Switch Support 131057Not Available
30Not AvailableOreck Switch 108846Not Available
31Not AvailableOreck Switch Back-Up Plate 137020Not Available
32Not AvailableOreck Exhaust Seal 107756Not Available
33Not AvailableOreck Exhaust Seal Clip 102467Not Available
34Not AvailableOreck Wheel Spacer 138304Not Available
35Not AvailableOreck Wheel Replace Assembly 6039763Not Available
36Not AvailableOreck Motor Gasket Vacuum 104016Not Available
37Not AvailableOreck Intake Grill 134187Not Available
38No ImageMOTOR, CANISTER CELOC 1500 Part Number: 010-5967 for Oreck

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39Not AvailableOreck Rear Motor Gasket 104015Not Available
40Not AvailableOreck Wire Nut 102655Not Available
41No ImageCORD, 35' CAN 3500 Part Number: 010-2803 for Oreck

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42Not AvailableOreck Cord Brake Striker 138701Not Available
43Not AvailableOreck Coupler With Leads 102984Not Available
44Not AvailableOreck Retainer Power Cord 137393Not Available
45Not AvailableOreck Housing Power Cord 134940Not Available
46Not AvailableOreck Screw 8807145MNot Available
47No ImageBASE & LABEL ASSY, MODEL 1500 Part Number: 603-0467 for Oreck

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48Not AvailableOreck Screw 03-00466-01MNot Available
49Not AvailableOreck Hose Adapter 130017Not Available
50Not AvailableOreck Carpet & Bare Floor Tool 7300275Not Available
51Not AvailableOreck Bag Full Switch 108842Not Available
52Not AvailableOreck Bag Full Indicater Mount 135968Not Available
53Not AvailableOreck Bag Full Tube 109469Not Available

# Part image Description SKU Price
1Not AvailableOreck Pivot (Ballknuckle) 325279Not Available
2ANo ImageGASKET, SMALL BETWEEN PIVOT ELBOW & HSG CAP17 Part Number: 5203A for Oreck

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2BNo ImageGASKET, LARGE BETWEEN PIVOT & PIVOT HSG CAP175 Part Number: 5203B for Oreck

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3Product ThumbnailTool Round Detail Brush Red Bissell repair part number: 1606711

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4Not AvailableOreck Screw 8807135MNot Available
5Not AvailableOreck On/Off Step Switch 4164Not Available
6Not AvailableOreck Wire Connector 102655Not Available
7Not AvailableOreck Screw, Bumper 8807137MNot Available
8Not AvailableOreck Line Cord 38" 106494Not Available
9Not AvailableOreck Housing (Red) 398829Not Available
10Product ThumbnailVAC, QUIETPRO BACKPACK HEPA W/107100 KIT Part Number: 107146 for Proteam

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11Product ThumbnailAdapter, Black Plastic Couples Two 2-1/2" Hoses Part Number: 88-1040-01 for Shop Vac Replacement

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12Product ThumbnailCentral Vacuum PVC Tubing - Utility Valve

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13Product ThumbnailWand, 24"to 40"x1-1/4" Telescopic Chrome Part Number: 106343 for Proteam

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14No ImageFILTER, MOTOR PROTECTION DS5500 Part Number: 64146310 for Karcher

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15Not AvailableOreck Washer Lock 8809001MNot Available
17Not AvailableOreck Clamp Motor Retainer 0107397MNot Available
18Not AvailableOreck Washer Flat 8809033MNot Available
19Product ThumbnailTool Round Detail Brush Green Bissell repair part number: 1606712

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20Not AvailableOreck Spring Wand Retention 108420Not Available
21Not AvailableOreck Nut W/Lockwasher 8805038MNot Available
22Product ThumbnailFilter, Exhaust DC41/DC65/DC66/UP13 UP20 Round Part Number: 920769-03 for Dyson

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23Not AvailableOreck Brush Assembly 101175Not Available
24No ImageMOTOR, MAIN VACUUM W/GASKET & ISOLATOR 16N5 Part Number: 203-1470 for Bissell

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25Not AvailableOreck Base Plate Assembly With Gaskets 156974Not Available
26Product ThumbnailHOSE CLIP FLEX Bissell repair part number: 2037159

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27Product ThumbnailTANK CLEAN ASSY REPL Bissell repair part number: 2037158

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28Not AvailableOreck Screw 8807138MNot Available
29No ImageGASKET, PN MOTOR V9658 Part Number: AC747156 for Panasonic

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30Product ThumbnailMotor, 5.7" 120 Volt B/S 2 Stage Thru-Flow Part Number: 116671-50 for Lamb

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31Not AvailableOreck Fiber Seal 7149Not Available