Schematic and parts list for: Hoover Model: U4266test

Schematic and parts list for: Hoover Model: U4266

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: Hoover Model: U4266

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Parts for: Soft & Light Supreme

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# Part image Description SKU Price
1Not AvailableHoover Thread Guard - Rh - 36423016Not Available
2Product ThumbnailBearing, Brushroll W/Nylon Washer Celebrity/Spirit Part Number: 43267002 for Hoover

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3Not AvailableHoover Conical Washer 21347003Not Available
4Not AvailableHoover Agitator End - U4455 36422022Not Available
6Not AvailableHoover Agitator Shaft - U44 32724013Not Available
7Not AvailableHoover Thread Guard - Lh - 36423017Not Available

# Part image Description SKU Price
1Not AvailableHoover Handle Cap - Abe U4266-930, U4268-930, U4272-930, U4264-930, U4266-960 37911079Not Available
1Not AvailableHoover Handle Grip 39458057Not Available
1Not AvailableHoover Cord-30 Ft-U5254/56 46388043Not Available
2Not AvailableHoover Attachment Cord 46388027Not Available
3Not AvailableHoover Bag Strap Spring - A 38335020Not Available
4Not AvailableHoover Bag Strap-Abe-U4717- 36425072Not Available
5Not AvailableHoover Upper Handle Assembly-Le U4266-960 48663152Not Available
5Not AvailableHoover Upper Handle Assembly-M U4264-930, U4266-930, U4268-930, U4272-930 48663141Not Available
6Not AvailableHoover Hose Comp-Abx/Ag 43434268Not Available
7Not AvailableHoover Tool Rack-Abe-U4293- 36433110Not Available
7Not AvailableHoover Tool Rack - Abe U4264-930, U4266-930, U4268-930 36433098Not Available
8Not AvailableHoover Dusting Brush 43414145Not Available
9Not AvailableHoover Extension Tube-Ag 38634078Not Available
10Not AvailableHoover Lower Handle - Abe 39464005Not Available
11Not AvailableHoover Jacket Sup-Upper-Abe 36425064Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Jacket Assembly U4299-930, U4299-980 43686202Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Bag Comp. U4266-930, U4268-930 43686223Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Bag-U4272-930 U4272-930 43686213Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Jacket-U4295-9 U4295-930 43686207Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Jacket-U4256-9 U4256-900 43686239Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Jacket-Abm-U42 43686192Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Bag U4264-930 43686229Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Outer Jacket-U4166-9 U4266-940, U4266-960 43686240Not Available
13Not AvailableHoover Switch Control Rod 38456036Not Available
14Not AvailableHoover Nut & Bolt Assembly- 40201085Not Available
15Not AvailableHoover Furniture Nozzle-Ag 38614029Not Available
16Not AvailableHoover Crevice Tool - Ag 38617024Not Available
17Not AvailableHoover Jacket Support-Lower 36425063Not Available
18Not AvailableHoover Wheel Rear - Ag 38522011Not Available
19Not AvailableHoover Rear Wheel Shaft 31523012Not Available
20Not AvailableHoover Wheel Retainer - Bz 36131056Not Available
21Not AvailableHoover Front Wheel Assembly-Ag/Abe 43248059Not Available
22Not AvailableHoover Front Wheel Assembly-Ag/Abe Incl. It. 20,21,43, 44) 43248059Not Available
23Not AvailableHoover Cam Actuator Spring- 34572002Not Available
24Not AvailableHoover Main Body Assembly-Elite U4256-900, U4264-930, U4266-930, U4266-940, U4268-930, -(Incl. Items 18, 19, 27, 41) 42243002Not Available
24Not AvailableHoover Main Body Assembly-Elit (Incl. Items 18, 19, 27, 41) 42243001Not Available
25Not AvailableHoover Cam Actuator-Ke-U445 38567008Not Available
26Not AvailableHoover Indicator Knob-Abe-U 38421070Not Available
27Not AvailableHoover Handle Release Lever 38458022Not Available
28Not AvailableHoover Seal - U4455 38784016Not Available
29Not AvailableHoover Motor Retainer Cap - 36131057Not Available
30Not AvailableHoover Screw-Self Tapping 21447217Not Available
31No ImagePaper Bag, DVC or Envirocare Hoover A 3Pk

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32Not AvailableHoover Spring - Elite Ii 38351013Not Available
33Not AvailableHoover Door Assembly-Abm-U5035 U4293-930 37257022Not Available
33Not AvailableHoover Door Assembly-Aay-U4 U4266-940, U4266-960, U4299-930, U4299-980, U4295-930 37257027Not Available
33Not AvailableHoover Door Assembly - Ag - U 4266-930, U4272-930 37257143Not Available
33Not AvailableHoover Door-Abm U4264-930 37257253Not Available
33Not AvailableHoover Door-Ada-U4256-900 U4256-900 37257259Not Available
34Not AvailableHoover Exp-Seal 38785013Not Available
35Not AvailableHoover Speed Nut 21362006Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood Assembly-Abm-U4293- U4293-930 42252381Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood Assembly-Aay-U4 U4299-930, U4299-980, U4295-930 42252388Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood-Aay-U4268-930 U4268-930 42252A86Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood-U4272-930 U4272-930 42252A38Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood-Aay-U4266-930 U4266-930 42252A74Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood-Ada-U4266-940 U4266-940, U4266-960 42252B37Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood-Ada-U4256-900 U4256-900 42252B17Not Available
36Not AvailableHoover Hood-Abm U4264-930 42252A84Not Available
37Not AvailableHoover Dirt Finder Lens - K U4266-930, U4264-930, U4256-900 39383099Not Available
37Not AvailableHoover Dirt Finder Lens-Kc- 39383098Not Available
38Not AvailableHoover Motor Retainer Cap-L 36131095Not Available
38Not AvailableHoover Motor Retainer 36131090Not Available
39Not AvailableHoover Motor-C1404/12/14-90 8 Amp (P-364) U4268-930 43576201Not Available
39Not AvailableHoover Motor Assembly Comp. 12 Amp U4256-900,U4266-940,U4266-960 43576199Not Available
39Not AvailableHoover Motor Complete With Handle Use 43576211) 43576142Not Available
39Not AvailableHoover Motor Complete Without Handle 43576141Not Available
40Not AvailableHoover Ag Belt-12Amp Bulk U4256-900, U4266-940,U4266-960 38528040Not Available
40Not AvailableHoover Belt-Elite Belt (Use 38528040) 38528027Not Available
41Not AvailableHoover Rib Shoe 13261AY-Not Available
42Product ThumbnailCam, :( Nozzle Height Adjustment Elite/Eli Part Number: 38563011 for Hoover

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43Not AvailableHoover Lever (Use Wheel Assem. 43248059) 43248058Not Available
44Not AvailableHoover Wheel Shaft - Ay - U (Use 43248054) 32563012Not Available
45Not AvailableHoover Agitator-Ag 48414079Not Available
46Not AvailableHoover Bottom Plate -Ag U4268-930, U4295-930, U4272-930 37245106Not Available
46Not AvailableHoover Bottom Plate - Ag 37245017Not Available
47Not AvailableHoover Lamp All Models Except U4268-930 27313101Not Available
47Not AvailableHoover Rear Support - U4455 58353009Not Available
47Not AvailableHoover Front Support - U445 58346004Not Available
47Not AvailableHoover Cord Wrap 3944201PNot Available
47Not AvailableHoover Gasket-Main Body 34123056Not Available

# Part image Description SKU Price
1Not AvailableHoover Screw-Self Tapping-5/8" 214793DANot Available
1Not AvailableHoover Motor Complete With Handle Elite/Legacy W/Headlight (Use 43576211) 43576142Not Available
1Not AvailableHoover Motor-Breasy With Handle Soft Guard Models 43576204Not Available
2Not AvailableHoover Fan Chamber 38736033Not Available
3Not AvailableHoover Fan 38755030Not Available
10Not AvailableHoover Switch Bus Bar - U44 36914004Not Available
11Not AvailableHoover Attachment Terminal 39116005Not Available
11No ImageCOVER, MOTOR U5272-9RM BAGLESS UPRIGHT W/HEADLT Part Number: 37194050 for Hoover

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12Not AvailableHoover Switch Assembly-Elit Late Models (After 5/96) 28161062Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Switch Assembly - U4 Switch Assem. - Early Models (Prior To 5/96) 28218043Not Available
14Not AvailableHoover Motor End Cap With Handle 37194049Not Available
17Not AvailableHoover Washer - U4455 21312793Not Available
18Not AvailableHoover Duct Seal-Molded 38783020Not Available
19Not AvailableHoover Brush Holder Assembly 41311016Not Available
20Not AvailableHoover Duct Seal - Elite 38781013Not Available
20Not AvailableHoover Tape - Concept Motor 54821001Not Available