Schematic and parts list for: Hoover Model: U2440test

Schematic and parts list for: Hoover Model: U2440

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: Hoover Model: U2440

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Parts for: Nano Lite

# Part image Description SKU Price
1Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Screw - Body M4 / 83311340Not Available
2Not AvailableHoover Upper Handle Assembly - Blue 28500010Not Available
3Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Upper Hose Assembly - 5' 21200040Not Available
4Not AvailableHoover Nozzle Cover Assembly - Blue 22010320Not Available
5Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Nozzle Base Assembly 22350280Not Available
6Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Screw - Nozzle Base M4 / 83311350Not Available
7Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Rear Wheel Assembly - Black/Lt Gray 12300080Not Available
8Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Rear Wheel Axle 12070140Not Available
9Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Rear Wheel E-Ring 14110010Not Available
10Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Nozzle Cover Felt 13510020Not Available
11Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Brush Roll Housing Assembly 22010330Not Available
12Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Lower Hose 11010130Not Available
13Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Brush Roll Assembly 13100190Not Available
14Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Belt 12080030Not Available
15Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Dirt Cup Assembly 24510240Not Available
16Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Filter Assembly 40110013Not Available
17Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Pre Filter Screen Assembly 14800100Not Available
18Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Air Inlet Filter 12471000Not Available
19Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Switch 14100400Not Available
20Not AvailableHoover Lower Cord Hook - Gray 18010880Not Available
21Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Upper Cord Hook - Gray 18010070Not Available
22Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Screw - Upper Cord Hook M4 / 83311330Not Available
23Not AvailableHoover Crevice Tool Holder - Blue 11580130Not Available
24Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Crevice Tool 81110070Not Available
25Not AvailableHoover Uh60 Dusting Brush Assembly 81300060Not Available