Schematic and parts list for: FR50152 Model: FR50152test

Schematic and parts list for: FR50152 Model: FR50152

This is a list of parts and a diagram and schematic for: FR50152 Model: FR50152

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Parts for: - Royal ProSeries Ultra Spin

# Part image Description SKU Price
1No ImageHoover Handle for Shampooers

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2Not AvailableFR50152 Cord Wrap 39442056Not Available
3Product ThumbnailHARDWARE KIT, HANDLE 4 WINDTUNNEL SELF-PROPELLED Part Number: 440007753 for Hoover

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4Not AvailableFR50152 Handle Assy-Lower-Shadow Gray 440003497Not Available
5Not AvailableFR50152 Solution Tank Seal 38784060Not Available
6Product ThumbnailHoover Resevoir Assembly for FH50150

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7Not AvailableFR50152 Tubing Kit 440003500Not Available
8Not AvailableFR50152 Tubing - Pump 562860001Not Available
9Not AvailableFR50152 Hose Clamp 25411017Not Available
10Not AvailableFR50152 Main Body Base Assembly With Wheels-Showdows Gray 440003858Not Available
11Not AvailableFR50152 Rear Wheel Assembly 303611001Not Available
12Not AvailableFR50152 Rear Axle 440003865Not Available
13Not AvailableFR50152 Tunnion Cover - Shadows Gray 524182001Not Available
14Not AvailableFR50152 Control Rod 524188001Not Available
15No ImageSPRING, CONTROL ROD RETURN FR50152 Part Number: 692598005 for Hoover

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16Product ThumbnailPower switch for hoover shampooers

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17Not AvailableFR50152 Pedal - Power Switch 524181001Not Available
18Not AvailableFR50152 Spring - Switch Pedal 692461001Not Available
19Not AvailableFR50152 Power Cord Assembly - 35' Black 730262002Not Available
20No ImageHoover 440005353 Carpet Cleaner Pump Genuine

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21No ImageGenuine Reconditioned Hoover Turbine Assembly for FR50152 and FH50130

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22Not AvailableFR50152 Rec Tank Screen - Orange 43613036Not Available
23Product ThumbnailMotor Suction FH50130/FH50140/FH50150 W/Fuse

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24Not AvailableFR50152 Motor Gasket Kit 440004386Not Available
25Not AvailableFR50152 Motor Cover Assembly 440004387Not Available
26Not AvailableFR50152 Seal - Stand Pipe 562887001Not Available
27No ImageHood, Red Plastic Nozzle Power Scrub FH50130/40/50 Part Number: 440003863 for Hoover

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28Not AvailableFR50152 Tool Door - Satin Silver 524183001Not Available
29Not AvailableFR50152 Spring -Access Door 38351017Not Available
30Product ThumbnailHoover Shampooer Nozzle Assembly

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31Not AvailableFR50152 Seal - Nozzle 562880001Not Available
32Not AvailableFR50152 Seal - Tool Door Port 440007377Not Available
33Product ThumbnailHoover Shampooer Brush Block for FH501350

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33Not AvailableFR50152 Brush Block Assembly - 5 Brush / Grout 305036002Not Available
34Not AvailableFR50152 Solution Tank Assy,Complete \ Royal 305009003Not Available
35Not AvailableFR50152 Solution Tank Cap 303764001Not Available
36Product ThumbnailHoover and Royal Dirty Water Tank for Shampooers

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37Not AvailableFR50152 Recovery / Dirty Water Tank FNLANot Available
38Not AvailableFR50152 Seal, Recovery Tank 440003504Not Available
39Not AvailableFR50152 Recovery Tank Lid Assy 440003505Not Available
40No ImageHoover Royal Shampooer Filter 38762010

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41Not AvailableFR50152 Recovery Tank Dump Cap 440003506Not Available
42No ImageHoover Hose Assembly for FH50150 Power Scrub

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43No ImageHoover Upholstery Nozzle, with Tab and Bristle Strip

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44Product ThumbnailHoover Shampooer 6in Stair Tool Black and Green - 440003856

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45No ImageHoover Shampooer Crevice Tool

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46No ImageHoover 302598001 Upholstery Tool, Air Driven Extactor

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47Not AvailableFR50152 Drawstring Mesh Tool Bag 902657003Not Available
48Not AvailableFR50152 Squeegee Body W/Overmold 302658002Not Available
49Not AvailableFR50152 Nozzle Cleanout Tool 39514003Not Available
50Not AvailableFR50152 Quick Disconnect Assembly 43523004Not Available