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Meet Lily

In January of this year wife and I adopted a Mastiff mix named Lily from Big Bones Canine rescue in Windsor Colorado. Most people who have met me in our store since have heard all about Lilly and how much we love her. She has even visited Vacuums R Us a few times and loved meeting our customers.

Lily has enriched our home and added some extra zip to our daily routines. Her big brother Maximus (also an English Mastiff) loves her to pieces. He finally has a friend with enough energy to keep up with his antics and keep him company when the family is at work and school.

Big Bones Canine Rescue specializes in giant breed dogs. These breeds can be pretty tough to find homes for because their huge size presents some interesting challenges. Big bones does an amazing job of rescuing these Gentle giants and finding them safe loving homes.

My wife and I wanted to do some thing to support the organization that brought Lily to our home. So we have secured a pledge from Vacuums R Us that every time an online review is left for Vacuums R Us we will donate $10 to Big Bones Canine Rescue!

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