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Reduce Wear And Tear A sewing machine comprises many moving parts, and these parts need proper lubrication and oil to run efficiently. However, with time, the oils lubricating these parts

Will It Pass? Finally, our certified professionals put your newly serviced and gleaming sewing machine through a final test. The test comprises two parts.  The first part is a speed

What Can Go Wrong? Although the bobbin system is the key feature of a sewing machine, there are so many other inbuilt mechanisms that help create that perfect stitch you

Interior Inspection After every external feature is examined, our certified technicians work their way into the inner parts of your sewing machine. First on the to-do list is a thorough

Exterior Inspection Our technicians at the Boulder store are very methodical and prefer to work on things one at a time so that nothing is overlooked. First, they start with

Post-service Trial After all the internal problems are taken care of, our techs put the covers back on and give it a nice wipe. They use 100% natural cleaner so

Issues With Extra Features Our techs pay attention to any additional features your sewing machine may offer. Many recent sewing machines come with an inbuilt needle threader. It’s quite useful

The “Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too” sewing machine repair procedure The sewing machine repair process our specialists at the Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too–Boulder Store follow is effective and methodical