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Belt, Oreck Upright Except 2175 Flat

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Belt is replacement for Oreck uprights, fits all except 2175. Size is 3 5/16″ x 5.8″ x .093″

Flat Smooth on the inside
Oreck 2000HH
Oreck 2000RH
Oreck 2000RS
Oreck 2100HH
Oreck 2100RH
Oreck 2100RS
Oreck 2200RS
Oreck 2300RS
Oreck 2400RS
Oreck 2500RH
Oreck 2600HH
Oreck 2700HH
Oreck 2800H2B
Oreck 2800H2W
Oreck 3600HH
Oreck 3600RH
Oreck 3610HH
Oreck 3800H2B
Oreck 3900H2B
Oreck 3910H2B
Oreck 100C
Oreck 9100C
Oreck 888
Oreck 888G
Oreck 5000
Oreck 5300
Oreck 8300G
Oreck 9200
Oreck 9400
Oreck 9200
Oreck 9300C
Oreck 9800

Single Belt

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Weight 1 lbs
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